Zoya – Dove

Thursday, 12 May, 2011

From Zoya’s Intimate Collection, Dove is a light grey creme.

Taken from the Zoya site: “Soft, delicate light neutral gray with an opaque, glossy creme finish. Unexpected and flattering as a wear-with-anything neutral with a twist.”

Lighter than Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Concrete Jungle (which I just realized I have but have never swatched – that shall be remedied soon, I promise…along with a comparison of Dove vs CJ) and definitely lighter than RBL’s Stormy, I feel like this is a grey creme that is in a long line of pale grey cremes.

I’m normally inspired and blown away by Zoya colors, but this particular one really failed to impress me. Maybe it’s due to the fact I feel that I’ve never looked very good in shades of grey like this. Maybe it’s mostly due to me not ever really having liked grey polishes in general. For some reason, they end up looking lifeless and dull on me. Almost Chiclet like on my nails. I always feel that it looks very artificial when I sport certain colors and grey polish, in general, have never flattered my skin tone one bit…even though it is a cool shade.

While I most certainly cannot boast any love or remote like/interest in grey polish, I can, however, say that Zoya has hit it out of the park with the formula. It is something I come to expect with this particular brand. I’m rarely ever disappointed. Application was smooth. Opaque within two coats. Consistency was better than usual – no cuticle pull and no lumps. If you see lumps, that would happen to be the fast drying topcoat I applied – it needed to be thinned out and I thought I could ge away with it. Wrong!

Zoya - Kimmy
Zoya - Jules and Zoya's Jules v Rescue Beauty Lounge's Anne v China Glaze's Swing Baby

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