Sinful Colors – Irish Green and Green Ocean

Tuesday, 1 March, 2011

I can’t believe it’s March. Or that St Patrick’s Day is around the corner. I’ve received the usual inquiries about what we’re going to do for St Patty’s Day – are we going to go out drinking or are we going to stay home? The usual thing we do on days like this: we stay home.

Mr. Carinae and I are firm believers in the Karen Walker School of Thinking: Drinking during the holidays. So amateur.

However, just because we don’t go drinking on that particular day, it doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the festivities that go on. I’m very early on these, but I wanted a little green on my Tuesday before I jaunt off to yoga class.

I really should’ve kept this on and taken pictures yesterday towards the end of the day. I could not believe how quickly this stuff had chipped. Granted I forked out a whopping $1.99 a bottle, but still…it got me annoyed. I expect it last at least 48 hours before it chipped. This wasn’t even 12 hours. Lame TYPO on the Picture. The middle finger that has the glitter polish on it is MISLABELED. Middle finger has Green Ocean on it. Meh. Hate it when I do that…

Formula was runny and had tendencies to cuticle pull. Green Ocean really got me thinking of NFU Oh. However, it didn’t have enough of a green jelly base, despite that the glitter and flakey reminded me of the green one I have. Hm…must post that for you.

Ok, I was way off base. These two are not even remotely the same. NFU Oh 56 makes Green Ocean look so sad and ghetto. Definitely not a dupe or even in the same family, really. Well, ok…maybe a generation or two removed?

Comparison: Ginger & Liz's Trance vs Color Club's Revvvolution
NFU Oh - #66

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