Comparison Butter London Poole vs Fiver

Wednesday, 17 April, 2013
Butter London Poole vs Fiver

Hubby’s been in Seattle twice in the past month and each time as he’s coming back home he calls me when at SEATAC: “Honey, I’m at the Butter London salon here at the terminal…do you want anything?” Why yes, yes, I do!

He purchased Fiver for me back in March and then the summer collection last week. I’m a lucky girl!

When I first saw Poole, I thought it was slightly darker than Fiver…and I thought, “Well, let me just do a comparison of Butter London Poole vs Fiver and we’ll see what comes of it.”

On the site, Butter London Poole is “A robin’s egg blue crème inspired by this seaside resort town in high summer.“, where as Butter London Fiver is “Opaque, mint-green crème.

The formula for Poole was a dream – it was opaque in two coats. No cuticle pull and it dried in record time. Sadly, the formula for Fiver was a pain in the butt – the brush was janky with that one wonky bristle that just throws you off your game – you know what I’m talking about! Then the formula was chalky, making me have bald spots on my nail. Formula dried in a decent amount of time, but it was enough for me to make me roll my eyes. However, that seems to be a problem I always have with pastels. Very rarely do I ever find pastels that go on easily and like a dream. Maybe it’s me?

Complaints out of the way, if you have a penchant for wearing pastels in the summer, then Fiver is definitely one you will want on your nails. If you have a tendency to wear colors like Poole on your toes, this is it!

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Butter London Poole vs Fiver


Butter London Poole vs Fiver


Butter London Poole vs Fiver

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