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Revlon’s Sunshine Sparkle vs Chanel’s Mimosa

Wednesday, 8 June, 2011

Ah…the joys of owning nail polish. I can do fun comparisons. It never entered my head to keep up the comparisons when I started doing them last year, but as my collection grew I noticed there were some that really were so close to others that I had to put them side by side and let them duke it out!

I am featuring Revlon’s Sunshine Sparkle in this post because I’ve already written about Chanel’s Mimosa.

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comparison revlon

Chanel Riva vs Revlon Blue Lagoon

Thursday, 19 May, 2011

I saw Blue Lagoon at my Walgreens and went, “Ohh…I can do a comparison to Riva!” and they have some shocking similarities. They’re both shockingly shitty with application. There I said it. I blasphemed the La Maison de Chanel. Revlon – eh. Like they care.

Despite the craptastic application, they’re both pretty colors.

Come and see…

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