Zoya – Jules and Zoya’s Jules v Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Anne v China Glaze’s Swing Baby

Wednesday, 11 May, 2011

I have a lot of polishes. I sometimes think when I buy (or fail to buy) colors, “I’ve got this at home.” Then I don’t…or do.

The main focus of this post is Zoya’s Jules.

This color is really…this awesome shade of a warm neutral with some sassy shimmer/glitter that keeps it from being dull and boring. I needed to put two coats of a high gloss top coat to keep the shine. I’ve found that necessary for finishes like this from Zoya.

The formula was really good – I only needed two coats and they dried within record time. It was a surprise because I normally don’t wear colors like this for fear that it would make my skin tone sallow and unappealing. It didn’t, I’m happy to say. It’s a beautiful color, wouldn’t you agree?

It looks almost like a champagne gold in this shade shot. Absolutely gorgeous!

Then when you put in sunlight, it goes through this transformation that shows a sassy take on a neutral color…Definitely a surprise and a color worth keeping in your stash. It won’t disappoint.

That all said, I got a bee in my bonnet about doing a comparison of similar colors/finishes in my collection. So I did a price range comparison – affordable being China Glaze’s Swing Baby, medium price range being Zoya and high end with Rescue Beauty Lounge.

Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Anne has a very subtle gold shimmer running through it. You can see it better in the bottle than on my finger, but to be honest, it got drowned out when you put it against the other more forceful shimmers in Zoya and China Glaze. None the less, the shimmer works in RBL’s Anne.

You can see the faint shimmer in Anne, but it really is eclipsed by the shimmer of the other colors.

I love these colors!

Zoya - Dove
China Glaze Electric Pineapple

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