China Glaze Fast Track

Monday, 26 March, 2012

MOAR Hunger Games colors!!! I still haven’t seen the movie yet. However, I hate going to the movies…


I am a cranky panties old girl. I really dislike the fact that people talk in movies. I also seem to get the person behind me who always has to kick my chair. So while I love the whole experience of going to the movies, I find it’s the people who usually spoil it for me. Yea, I’m old. It’s official. “stupid kids, get off my lawn”, kind of old person. Oh well…whatevs.

The color I’ve got for you today is Fast Track. In the Hunger Games books, this is District 6 – Transportation. Have you read the books yet? No? I have to re-read them because I read them all last year thanks to friends who raved about it.

The formula on this was like the others so far in the collection — fabulous!!! Imagine me singing that last word faaaabyooooluhhhhhhhhhs! Because it was. Fast drying and even application? *faints* Tis true, mes amies – it was all that and more. I didn’t do any macro shots of this color but I really should have – it’s jam packed with flecks of glitter. It’s a gorgeous amped up neutral. It just may find its way onto my fingers later on this week!

As always, click on the picture to take you to its original size.

How pretty is this? It’s this very natural looking beige with gold glitter in it. It looks gorgeous in the shade, but wait till you see it in sunlight!

BOO YA! Look at this sucka sparkle. Seriously, click on the image to see the original size. Then click on it again and it’s almost like macro mode…just please, don’t look at my cuticles, ok? They look horrendous.

I love how this color looks super natural…and then you spot the pretty flecks of gold glitter that make you stop and look at it twice. One would think that the application was runny and spotty, but it wasn’t – that’s not my VNL. It’s really just the color itself. If you don’t have this color, you should really get it.


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