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Zoya Wednesday

Monday, 21 January, 2013
Zoya Wednesday

Zoya Wednesday is part of their Spring/Summer 2013 line…

I was a bit confused by this color, but I could see it in their collection. It’s pastel enough to fit in for Spring, yet the color also reminds me of seafoam when you play in the ocean in the Summer. Zoya describes it as “Faded dirty medium turquoise with green undertone and an opaque cream finish. A very stylish shade with a funky yet easy to wear vintage look.”

I can totally see that. Zoya also says that this is a warm toned color. I beg to differ! Zoya Wednesday seems a bit more cooler than they say – it actually goes with my skin tone and was overall flattering — had it been a warm shade, it would’ve looked absolutely awful on me.

Formula for this was like butter. Very rarely do I come across Zoyas that are moody or take long to dry. This was opaque in two medium thin coats and the wearability on this was amazing. It lasted for more than five days with me doing dishes, washing the dog and chasing the cat down so I could comb him!

Now I know you’re all here for the pictures…

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Zoya Wednesday

Zoya Wednesday – Shade

Nice and dusty…and a little smokey. It’s muted, understated. I really like it in this shade shot. Please excuse the purple glitter thing I did…it totally marred it and I was a lazy girl – I didn’t want to remove it and then reapply Wednesday to my pointer finger. LOL In case you’re wondering, the purple glitter is Lynnderella LavenDear.

Zoya Wednesday

Zoya Wednesday – Sun

 Ok, how pretty does this look in the sunlight? Frankly, I’m a bit distracted by LavenDear. It sparkles…and looks so pretty.

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