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Monday, 24 February, 2014
Lynnderella HoloDay Hearts, label

Lynnderella HoloDay Hearts was a 2013 Limited Edition that Lynnderella made as a thank you/Christmas present for customers.

Before I start, I want to say Happy New Year! Things went haywire at the end of December and beginning of January. Here’s the skinny: my husband got head hunted away from his work (Electronic Arts, aka EA) to work at Amazon in Seattle, Washington. It happened so quickly! Phone interview in December, interview on January 2, offer made on January 6, hubby handed in his resignation on January 10, his last day was January 17. We did some packing in San Jose and had last lunches/dinners with friends and then off we went on January 28 because February 3 was his first day at Amazon. Talk about fast moving, right? So here we are, in Seattle…and then the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, too! It was crazy times.


Lynnderella HoloDay Hearts was a lovely surprise that arrived in the mail one day in December last year…It was a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas present rolled into one. I am eternally grateful for it! It’s gorgeous and so sparkly good. Undies for this is Colors by Llarowe’s Gizzards and Lizards. Come and have a look at Lynnderella HoloDay Hearts and let me know what you think.

Lynnderella HoloDay Hearts - Macro, Shade

Lynnderella HoloDay Hearts – Macro, Shade

Lynnderella HoloDay Hearts, label

Lynnderella HoloDay Hearts, label

Lynnderella HoloDay Hearts - Macro, Sunlight

Lynnderella HoloDay Hearts – Macro, Sunlight

Lynnderella HoloDay Hearts, ShadeLove the cute Mickey Mouse shaped holographic glitter. Even in the shade, the holo in the glitters couldn’t be tamed.

Lynnderella HoloDay Hearts - FlashThe flash brings out even more prettiness – it coaxes the glitter to be even more pretty by showing different shades.

Lynnderella HoloDay Hearts - SunlightHow wonderful does this look? An absolutely gorgeous and surprising present from an indie maker.

Thank you so much, Lynnderella, for this lovely present! It’s one of the reasons why I keep purchasing from you.

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  • Reply Allison Saturday, 1 March, 2014 at 8:49 pm

    Very cool polish. Love the black with holograms. I love polish with holos and glitter, but I’ve been off them for a little while because they tend to be difficult to remove. Any tricks you want to share for removal? Congrats to your husband on his new job at Amazon and best wishes for your new life in Seattle, a great city!
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    • Reply carinaeletoile Thursday, 6 March, 2014 at 6:19 pm

      Thank you, Allison!

      There are a couple of things in my arsenal that I use to remove stubborn glitter and the first thing I would recommend is Nail Pattern Boldness’ Glitter A Peel ( http://www.nailpatternboldness.com/collections/base-and-top-coats/products/glitter-a-peel ). Two thin coats that dries in record time used as a base coat, apply your regular glitter and top coat and in a day or two, it peels off so easily! No fuss, no muss. Easiest removal of glitter I’ve ever had. It’s easy for when I swatch glitters. However, it’s a bit difficult now that I have gel nails, but I’m working around that and am trying to find things that work – it’s definitely a process of trial and error, that’s for sure.

      Second and one that a lot of people use is pure acetone or a heavily acetone based polish, cotton and foil. I cut the foil into a 1.5 inch x 4 inch strip (or whichever works best for you), soak a cotton ball with acetone, place the cotton ball on the nail and wrap finger tip with foil to keep the cotton ball in place. Repeat on as many fingers as you can. Wait five minutes and then gently remove the foil. Leaving cotton ball in place during foil removal. Then carefully swipe down with the cotton ball that is one the nail – use the back part of the cotton ball (the clean side) to clean up any glitter on that finger nail – repeat for the other fingers. I find I can do one hand, then the other later. The Nail Polish A Holic has a great quick tutorial on it: http://www.thepolishaholic.com/2012/11/How-To-Remove-Glitter-Nail-Polish-Foil-Method.html

      Hope this helps! 🙂


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