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Sunday, 31 July, 2011

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I know I’ve been remiss this past month and I shall remedy that now.

First and foremost, July is my birth month. I take that literally. Forget the one day. All should celebrate with me because it’s MY MONTH. Silly, I know. Can’t deny what I think or feel.

That said, July has been busy in a lot of ways aside from my birthday.

How so? Come and see behind the jump…yes, there are pictures. I promise!

Colin left for Sweden on July 6, mere days after our 13th anniversary. *sniffles* However, he came back on July 21 to celebrate my birthday. YAY! It was a beautiful weekend which was kicked off with a lovely day of food on the Friday, more food on the Saturday at Espetus in San Mateo with about 20 close family and friends, wine tasting on Sunday and then a lovely dinner with friends on Monday. It was a good time. Once that was all out of the way, packing and cleaning had to be done because on the 27th of July I flew out to Stockholm.

It was a shitty, shitty flight. No other way to describe it. Stuck for 9 hours from SFO to London with a screaming child RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Bloodcurdling screams. I was thisclose to homicide – both parents and child. Parents were failing to discipline and let that little 16 month run amok on the plane. I just wanted to sleep. To no avail. How can one sleep with a child that screaming bloody murder. I know I wasn’t the only one because I saw several people glare at the parents…who were fucking oblivious. Their bundle of joy was not mine…nor was it anyone else’s judging from some of the looks they were receiving.

Anyway, I thought I’d get some semblance of sleep from London to Stockholm (three hour flight)…to no avail. 5 drunken brits in the row diagonally from me. Loud. VERY LOUD. Oh well.

Ok, enough of my bitching/Debbie Downer whining…by the way, Heathrow has the bestest Duty Free ever. I went nuts. More on that in another post.

Here are some pictures of our new place in Stockholm. It’s so adorable.

Click on the image to see the bigger version…or, if you are so inclined, right click the image, choose “Open in New Tab” and once in the new tab, click the image for the original size.


My kitchen…complete with cement counters and cement table. I love it, by the way. I love being able to take hot pots and pans and just toss them on to any surface without worrying about ruining said surface because it’s granite or marble. I use the kitchen table as a partial desk, too. Don’t you love the knives above the sink?


I love this kitchen light. It’s so cool.






Don’t be fooled by the washer. It’s just that – a washer. No built in dryer like back in the UK. Things are getting air dried until I can no longer stand it and take it downstairs to the INSANE laundry rooms. I’ll have to take a pic of them – it’s so bright and cheerful!

I have to thank Google Translate because if it weren’t for that, I’d never know that any of these words mean on the dial above.

By the way, the washer is right next to the shower!


Love this shower. Yes, it is as you see it. It feels very Ikea hotel. Directly to the right (and it’s been cropped out) is the aforementioned washer. Did I really just use aforementioned?!


Last but certainly least…don’t hate my bag o’ milk. It’s a full fat organic milk that strays dangerously into half and half territory. Oddly enough, my stomach isn’t hurting…when I drink milk in the US I get bad stomach cramps, break out in a terrible rash and feel a bit sick. Wonder what that’s telling me?

That’s it for now. Hope you liked my home life. I’ll have more pics later on…the rest of the house is very cute! However, it’s not very big. It’s ok. I’m fine with that. Less space to clean up after.

Fun rainy Saturday, Part 1

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