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Monday, 19 September, 2011

I give up. I can’t swatch here in Sweden. I don’t have a fast drying top coat.

What brought this on? The manicure I had started at noon…and thought it was all dry at 4pm – even using the “fast drying” top coat from Face Stockholm. I was quite happy and thought that it would hold out until tomorrow morning when it it forecast to be a cloudy and sunny day.

8pm I made dinner…and noticed my nails were THRASHED. Then I remembered I scratched my scalp at 7pm as I was reading. C’mon – three hours and the stuff still hadn’t dried?!

So no more swatches until at least October 6 when I get back to the US.

Until then, you will have to endure food pictures and everything else I take pictures of with my camera and iPhone.

Face Stockholm 95
Pancakes! With Bacon!!!

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