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Pancakes! With Bacon!!!

Sunday, 18 September, 2011


This was our breakfast today at Cafe Sirap. We split 2 different orders, ok, who are we kidding? It was 3 orders we split. I didn’t take a picture of the third order because it was a breakfast wrap – scrambled eggs, bacon, lettuce (*gags*) and American cheese.

I decided the first picture you should all see is…BACON…on top of pancakes!!! How can you go wrong with that? Well, if you’re expecting American style pancakes, you may be disappointed. These were three pancakes that were a bit bigger than your standard silver dollar pancakes. Also, these were a bit more dense. For some reason, it reminded me of potato pancakes or maybe they were made with potato flour. At any rate, the bacon, the syrup…Mmmmm.

The name of the place we went to is on the pic – it’s called Café Sirap. Sirap in Swedish (I had to look it up) is syrup…this was very close to sarap in Tagalog, which means tastes good. Everything tasted good, but in a very Swedish way. It’s not bad and I love the food here in Sweden – they’re not afraid to use seasoning. The place is close to our house, about .3 miles away according to Four Square. 😉

This is the sandwich Colin and I split – it was a Club. Well, as Club as it can get for the Swedes! I’m used to a sandwich piled high. This had the right elements – chicken and bacon. When I saw the yellow sauce on it my mind went, “Oh, FFS – not béarnaise sauce, please!!!” It wasn’t. It was a curry mayo thing. Tasty! See the bacon? Mmm…bacon. As I took a bite of the breakfast wrap Colin got for us to split, I realized – everything we had contained bacon.

It was a great way to start the day and week. Hope you all have a wonderful day and week.

I do have nail polish to show you. I, uh, went a little nuts at Face Stockholm and Make Up Store. I did buy some extras to have a giveaway for when I return to the US. YAY! Swedish nail polish giveaway. Stay tuned!

*throws up hands*
Je me souviens...

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