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Fun rainy Saturday, Part 1

Saturday, 6 August, 2011

This is my first weekend in Stockholm where I wasn’t fully jet lagged and pissy. Normally I’m just pissy, but throw in jet lag with memories of a screeching child? Yea, I’m not a happy camper.

We roamed and had Indian food. Not quite like back in the US or in India. This food had a bit too much sweetness to it. For me to complain about it being sweet means it’s really sweet.

Anyway, we roamed and kept hearing all this crazy music. Saw floats and from a distance I kept seeing a rainbow flag…

I moved closer but the rainbow flag had moved on. I wanted a flag shot, so I got one of the Swedish flag instead.

By the way…That building behind the flag? That’s where Colin works.

Here are a couple of shots of a float. Sadly, it rained on their parade, but the sun came out about an hour later. My sweater was soaked and I really did a good impersonation of a drowned rat. Since I don’t have waterproof mascara, guess who had raccoon eyes, too? C’mon…you can only guess once!

My shots of the floats didn’t come out so great and the ones with the angels were the most salvageable, so you get to see 2 shots of it. I’m diggin the guy with the feather tutu and rainbow suspenders, myself. He was a hottie up close.

After this shot was taken, rain came pissing down and everyone ran. Myself included.

What kind of nail polish girl would I be if I didn’t buy some polish while in another country?! Well, here I was walking about the huge shopping center minding my business when I spied this make-up store called Face. I went in and came out with 4 bottles of polish…each at a stunning 170kr – $26. That costs more than a bottle of Chanel polish. OY VEY. However, I think they’re pretty. The fourth bottle isn’t in the shot because it’s a fast drying topcoat. We’ll see if it measures up to Seche Vite or Poshe.

I’m hoping that the purple/lavender on the left will be a dupe/good alternative for Illamasqua’s Jo’Mina. I’m normally not a fan of flakies, but I had to get the one in the middle. I’m also not a fan of glitter polishes, but why on earth did I purchase that red glitter? Because, my dear, it really reminded me of the ruby pumps from the Wizard of Oz. I’m hoping that it looks decent on me. I know removal will be a pain, but oh well…

And to end this post on a somewhat high note – I got a back-up palette of MAC’s Wonder Woman Valiant quad from the MAC counter in Åhléns, a kick ass department store. It was dangerous. Very dangerous. Anyway, Valiant palette quad procured for a frightening sum of 480SEK – $74. In the US I bought it for $40. Oh well…I promised myself that if I ever saw it and it wasn’t on eBay, I’d buy it, no matter what the cost. I’m glad I didn’t purchase it on eBay.

Anyway, jet lag is still kicking my butt…and I’ll have a post up tomorrow to continue my Saturday adventure. Hope this didn’t bore you.


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