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Beef Stew recipe

Thursday, 23 May, 2013
Beef Stew

The weather has been crazy – super hot, really cold, back to hot, mellow…and then cold.

The cold made me want to make beef stew. I dug around some cook books and then I puttered around on the internet.

I was finally able to settle on a recipe after I caught an old Barefoot Contessa episode and she made Parker’s Beef Stew. I modified it a little and here is the end result:

Beef Stew


Not too bad, right?

It tasted wonderful according to Colin, but it’s not the beef stew that I’ve made before. This beef stew recipe is a little closer to Boeuf Bourguignon, except there was no bacon involved. I’m not a fan of this, but my friend Aliye liked it.

2013-05-23 11.24.50

I’m usually not a fan of cooking my beef with red wine…and I tend to forget that when I find recipes that look appealing or fun to cook.

Mr Carinae and I are definitely more of a tomato based stew kind of couple. I’ve another beef stew recipe that involves lots of tomatoes and cilantro…Mmmm…cilantro…tomatoes.

I’ll be sure to publish that soon, too.

The recipe is at the bottom of the post.


Beef Stew

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