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Post Halloween Pictures

Sunday, 3 November, 2013

Post Halloween Pictures are always fun, right?

There were no embarrassing situations in my pics. They’re all of me and my puppy. My make-up was an epic fail, but I can’t really expect much because I winged it so last minute. For next year, I know I’m going to use liquid eyeliner for a lot of the make-up. I also know that I won’t be using that cheapie white make-up that smears like there is no tomorrow. I’ll look for professional grade stuff. I do have to say it was fun doing make-up like this again! I haven’t done fun stuff since…I was in college.

We dressed up the dog in a Rufferee out fit because…well, the devil dog outfit we had for him last year was a little toit (like a tiger!) and I swear, Rex’s eyes were BULGING when we were finally able to close it over. It was comical, yet still so wrong. We bought a new costume for him and while a teensy bit snug, it was nowhere near as toit (aka tight!) as the devil doggie outfit…but it was also near as cute! I think next year I may hire someone to make a special out fit for him – I’m hoping it will be so menacing that my friends will actually be scared when they see him running at them. Muahahahaaaa!!!!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Until Halloween 2014, you have these silly pictures to tide you over.

Awesome photos were taken by my husband – @kaadian on Twitter or see his other pictures at www.mclaughlan.org/kaadian

I have issues on that last play! Why? No one gave me a cookie.

I have issues on that last play! Why? No one gave me a cookie.

RexfallfallfallfallfallRex looking at the candy, using his divine puppy powers to make the candy FALLLLL on to the floor so it will all be his…his precious, precious candy. Side note: my mother was too lazy to move the globe we have off of a table and move the table (it’s VERY light) into the hall way to put the candy down. So what does she do? Goes into my storage in the backyard, digs around my stuff and comes up with that. Ah, you crazy old Filipino lady.

Rex Who MEWho me? I’m not looking at the candy at all. HOW DARE YOU THINK I WILL TRY TO MAKE A GRAB FOR IT?! Seriously, HDU?!

CarinaemakeupfailFinally, the epic make-up fail. Please, no mean words…thanks.

Thank you for making it this far! I will have posts up this week, so keep an eye out.

For now, I shall resume eating leftover candy…Mm…candy.



Lynnderella HoloDay Hearts
Ellagee As We Walk In Fields of Gold

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