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Thursday, 3 March, 2011

Gatekeeper kitty…is sleeping.

I took these pics several days ago, but hadn’t gotten around to uploading them to share…so here we are.

Gatekeeper Kitty keeps on snoozing…

He has such a hard life – eat, sleep, snooze, poop, eat, sleep, snooze, hit the dog and hiss, etc. He’s completely crashed out here.

Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location, plotting Rex is plotting…the undisclosed location is merely a few feet away.

Rex thinks the computer wire/cord will be good camo.

Now, what did Rex plot to do? Why, I don’t know…

Rex jumped into the cat’s bed, in the cat’s room (aka the computer room)…and took his little cookie bone with him. Dr Bombay was not amused when he spotted the dog in his bed! It was a nice round of beat up the puppy…but Rex, being Rex, was oblivious to it all because he was content chewing away on his cookie. Dare I even hint that Rex looks slightly triumphant and smug?

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