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Friday Kitteh!

Friday, 25 February, 2011

Friday Red will be incoming shortly, but for now I shall leave you with a picture I took a few moments ago before hitting the sack. It’s Dr Bombay, my adorable cross eyed, buck toothed kitteh. I didn’t get a shot of his crooked tail, but I will one day.

This is, “Pleeze close da light and fill up my food bowl, k?” He’s hanging his head over the side of his kitty bed, kind of telling me what to do before I shut the door and let him sleep in his room for the night.

I put the picture of him behind the jump.

Hubby fixed my problem of being unable to attach pics to my posts…it was a plug-in that was the culprit.

How cute is this face?! Love the buckteeth?! How adorably cross-eyed is this guy? Most of all, can you believe he’s going to be 13 this year? He’s still like a kitten – very playful. But most of all, he’s the biggest purrball kitty you will ever come across.


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