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Childhood Favorites

Tuesday, 22 May, 2012

I am the girl that loves breakfast anytime of the day — morning, noon, night. You get the idea. Something about eggs and toast with the occasional heaping helping of bacon or pan fried potatoes cooked in the leftover bacon grease…MMMmmm. Mr Carinae (aka Colin, or @Kaadian on Twitter) is a breakfast fan as well, but mostly because I cook it.

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Home life

Tourist Day Out, Part 1 – Moderna Museet

Thursday, 8 September, 2011

When an old friend from college showed up in Stockholm for a visit (and a Dolly Parton concert a couple of weekends ago), we did some sightseeing – most notably the Swedish Museem of Modern Art – Moderna Museet. Before going there, we got on a boat!


This was a shot of Moderna Museet from the boat. Looks kinda cool, right? That’s the best picture I’ve taken in my time on boats here.

More pictures of Moderna Museet behind the jump – this is an image heavy post.

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