Lynnderella Elf Assured

Sunday, 9 June, 2013
Lynnderella Elf Assured

Lynnderella Elf Assured was part of her Holiday 2012 collection which contained a whopping FOURTEEN (14) glitters to sparkle and shine.

The collector in me had to have them all…sadly, I haven’t really had time to swatch them all. I’m part of a Facebook group where we share our Lynnderella manis. I shared this one – Lynnderella Elf Assured. What I like about that FB group is that I’m encouraged to sport Lynns I’d never otherwise wear. There is usually a weekly challenge where a certain Lynn from a collection is ‘featured’. We all scramble to show how we wear that featured glitter. Other ladies have a different take on how to wear their Lynns and I love seeing the variety, but most of all, the creativity.

Side note: The undies featured in this post is Chanel Lilis, which I wrote about yesterday.

Lynnderella Elf Assured is described by Lynn herself on her blog as “…has black, white, pink and almost-neon red matte glitters with metallic and holographic aqua in a white-shimmer base. One of the Holiday Helpers.”

What I like about this is that this type of glitter is unassuming…yet so fun! You’d never guess that it’s a holiday glitter unless you asked, or, like me, totally sing it to the world!

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Lynnderella Elf Assured


Lynnderella Elf Assured


Lynnderella Elf Assured


Lynnderella Elf Assured

Delicious macro!


Lynnderella Elf Assured

Nail Macro

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Lynnderella Spumoni

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