Chanel Rose Exuberant

Wednesday, 16 November, 2011
Chanel Rose Exuberant

This is Day 1 of the challenge…and it’s PINK!

I chose Chanel’s Rose Exubérant, which is part of Chanel’s Winter 2011 collection, Rouge Allure. I also used the matte top coat that came with it. The story of obtaining this particular set is a little bit of a pain in the butt.

I had emailed Chanel asking if this would be available in the US…no one replied. So sad. Anyway, I had seen it released in the Philippines and in Canada. I had yet to see it released in the US. A month passed…still nothing. Another month passed. NOTHING. I went to the Chanel counters in Nordstrom and Macy’s, none of the girls knew. They also looked at me like I was speaking in another language. Gee, thanks. Then, a nail polish BFF went to Canada to visit her boyfriend. I begged, whined and pleaded with her to get me the set. She did….and sure enough, literally days after I sent money to my NPBFF in Canada, I received an email from Chanel saying they have released the Rouge Allure collection in the US. AUUUGH. Talk about trying to play it safe and be cautious.

Chanel isn’t cheap. One would think their CS would actually email back, right?

Anyway, Chanel Rose Exubérant is this gorgeous “intense pink” according to the website. It really is. It pops and looks kind of cool on me. I don’t know if it looks good because I want it to or if it genuinely does. I fret that pinks like this tend to age me. What do you all think?

Chanel Rose Exuberant

Chanel Rose Exuberant – bottle shot

Chanel Rose Exuberant

Chanel Rose Exuberant – Shade shot

This is a really intense pink in the shade. It’s absolutely gorgeous, though. I threw on the matte top coat on my ring finger just to see how it would look matte.

Chanel Rose Exuberant

Chanel Rose Exuberant – sun shot

The sun really washed out the pinkness in this, but it really is a pretty pink.

I’ve heard that Rose Exuberant is extremely similar to another shade Chanel has, but for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the other color.

Two coats of this dried really fast. Surprisingly the Mat Top Coat dried quickly, too. Way to go Chanel.

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