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Inglot – 709

Tuesday, 5 October, 2010
Inglot 709

I bought this color for my friend Kelly when I was living in India. This was my introduction to matte nail polishes and this was a fall 2008/spring 2009 color. I love it and the coverage was a dream. This dried quickly and was opaque in two very easy coats.

I wish Inglot was here in Northern California. I miss the store! 🙂

MAC – Black Enough

Monday, 9 August, 2010

I thought I didn’t have black nail polish, but it seems I do…I didn’t know that this color was a matte when I purchased it. Doesn’t matter – I can put a shiny top coat on it. 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve worn black.

The formula dried quickly, despite the lack of a fast drying top coat. All coats were reasonably dry and fairly good to go in half an hour.

Nubar – Twilight and Sunset – Night Sky Collection – Spring/Summer 2010

Friday, 4 June, 2010

Finally! As promised the rest of the collection…you know, a whole 2 polishes.

Attention: Nail tape newbie strikes again! yes, another epic fail on my part. But I do get credit for trying, right? 🙂 Also, I used the Diamond Top Coat that came with the polishes. It said it would be shiny…and it wasn’t. You’ll see in the pics. Also, I don’t have another Twilight shot because…I deleted it in my attempt to multi-task – you know, book plane tickets, pay bills and run some pics through Photoshop. I learned my lesson, I promise!

Anyway, the formulas dried fast, but I still wasn’t thrilled with them. I guess I’m hard to please? I feel like I’ve seen these colors before and I have – they are Orly’s Metal Goth collection. Sorry, Nubar…I wasn’t impressed with this collection.

Nail tape n00b alert! See? But you can’t really see the shine, can you?

This was sort of matte, sort of shiny…and the top coat wasn’t super shiny and you can see it on my ring and middle finger. I tried to leave the pointer and pinkie finger as a matte.