KB Shimmer In Bare Form

Wednesday, 16 July, 2014
KB Shimmer In Bare Form

KB Shimmer In Bare Form is a gorgeous, neutral beige tone that is a holo! Beige holo? HOLLA! Ok, I’ll stop being nerdy. Sorry.

KB Shimmer In Bare Form is a color that I decided to swatch because I love, yet hate, beiges. They can look really good on me or really bad…I also don’t like having mannequin hands. Imagine my surprise when I put KB Shimmer In Bare Form on and went, “OHHHH….so in love.” Why? It’s the holo that does it for me. I was a bit skeptical at first, given that I really didn’t think a beige holo could work. Oh, yes it can!

I debated on doing nail art, but then thought, “How about I matte-ify it?” Making it matte certainly tamed an already delicate holo, bring the base color front and center. I really like this and think it would be a gorgeous, neutral, professional type of polish in a strict office setting. It has enough of a flair to make it slightly different from other neutral polishes.

Formula was good — opaque in two coats and quick drying.

KB Shimmer In Bare FormDiffused Light

KB Shimmer In Bare FormSmall delicate holo showing up in this flash shot of KB Shimmer In Bare Form.

KB Shimmer In Bare FormIn this direct light shot of KB Shimmer In Bare Form, you can see the delicate holo. Isn’t it gorgeous?

KB Shimmer In Bare FormKB Shimmer In Bare Form matte-ified. The holo couldn’t be fully subdued.

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