Chanel Emeraude

Friday, 13 May, 2016
Chanel Emeraude

Chanel Emeraude was sent to me from a friend.

Chanel Emeraude reminds me of why I do love Chanel nail polishes. There was the eponymous Jade. It sent people into a fever pitch all the while selling out and showing up on eBay priced anywhere from $65 to $400. Crazy, right? Chanel also lead the charge with nail polish that set off a wave of crazy that all started with Vamp. I won’t go into details here, but you can google Vamp.

Chanel Emeraude is a color that is part of their new long wearing line. It’s also a color that makes me happy. There is something about the golden glow that is faint, yet plays into the whole beauty of this color. Formula was quick drying and wonderfully opaque. It was absolute perfection with two medium coats.

Click on the images below to enlarge and see the shimmer that makes this lovely polish so wonderful.

Chanel EmeraudeSee the pretty gold shimmer in the macro? It’s a hallmark of a wonderful Chanel polish

Chanel EmeraudeChanel Emeraude in diffused lighting. You can see a bit of the shimmer coming into play here.

Chanel EmeraudeChanel Emeraude in direct light. The slight shimmer makes the green glow.

I haven’t seen Chanel Emeraude in the stores yet, but I think this gorgeous green will be showing up soon in time for summer.

What do you think of this color? Do you think it will find a way into your collection?

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