Chanel Alchimie

Tuesday, 25 June, 2013
Chanel Alchimie

Chanel Alchimie was a color that when I first saw it, thought, “Oh…it’s a newer version of Peridot…bummer.” It is, yet it isn’t.

Chanel Peridot has a green-gold-blue flash that runs through it, making it a duochrome. This has nothing of the sort. Both are similar because they have a frost-like quality that drives me batty during application – you know what I mean – if you don’t get the strokes juuuuuust right, your little pearlescent frostiness will have lines that will point out your deficiencies in application. So OCD people like me tend to hate/dislike frosts right off the bat because one can’t control it in the way you normally would a creme polish finish.

That said, the formula is great like Mysterious, which I reviewed yesterday.

This was quick drying and opaque in two thick coats. They were thick because of the finish and me getting all frustrated. I’m surprised that because of the thickness, it didn’t bubble like most polishes do when applied heavily.

I love colors like this because it reminds me of fabric. I know it sounds crazy, but when I think of over the top decorating fabrics of this color come to mind. I also picture tons of gold and french revolutionary furniture, too. I’d totally decorate like that if I could. I don’t think Mr Carinae would be too chuffed if I did. I think he’d actually try to take it down by hand while I sleep. LOL

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Chanel Alchimie

Chanel Alchimie, Maco, Overcast

Chanel Alchimie

Chanel Alchimie

Chanel Alchimie

Chanel Alchimie

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Chanel Elixir
Chanel Mysterious

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