YSL Peace Green

Thursday, 28 April, 2016
YSL Peace Green

YSL Peace Green is a highly sought after color for Spring.

I bought YSL Peace Green back in February…and put it in a drawer while I was in a rush to clean because we had company coming over and one of the girls loves to go through my nail polish. Girl has a KNACK for choosing the newest polish I have purchased, trying it on and somehow manages to be clumsy as all F*CK with my brand new bottle. Polish all over the neck, on the bottle…no. Just no. Plus, YSL polish is higher end and frankly, when I spend X amount on a polish, I freaking want to be the first person to wear it. Know what I mean?

Anyway, my poor bottle of YSL Peace Green was shoved in the back of a drawer and then hidden by bottles of fountain pen ink. I really didn’t want it to be found. I did such a great job I had forgotten I had even purchased the darn thing. I’m that good. It’s also great when I find random jewelry I thought I’d lost, too!

Now I’m not usually a fan of mint colors. For some reason, they’re never really flattering on me. This was merely ok. I liked that the formula dried quickly, but I found it to be a bit streaky and chalky. No cuticle pull to report, though. I see that people have been going a bit crazy for this polish, but I’m not sure why.

Come look at my pictures to see if you agree.

YSL Peace GreenIndirect Light

YSL Peace GreenDirect Light – pretty shimmer that shows up.

I do think YSL Peace Green is prettier in person than my pictures. Do you feel the craze is justified? Note: I do regret not getting the sister pink shade to this called Love Pink.

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