Chanel – Pirate

Tuesday, 13 July, 2010

This was found in my box of “Bathroom Junk” where I had also found Violette. I am doing my best to refrain from doing any pirate jokes. The name alone…really, I’m trying.

I shall focus on what a gorgeous red this is, even though it was a little hard to handle. It didn’t bubble like Violette (thank the heavens!) and it definitely dried faster as well. Unfortunately the color of the nail swatch you will see below has FOUR, yep 4, coats to achieve the color that matched the bottle. They were thin coats albeit because I was worried it was like Violette. No bubbles. Well, there were marginal bubbles, but not as bad as it could’ve been.

This is a gorgeous color, but I am sure there are dupes out there. It’s in my top 10 for favorite reds.

Chanel - Paradoxal
Chanel - Violette