Elevation Polish Ave Secretan

Sunday, 5 October, 2014
Elevation Polish Ave Secretan

Elevation Polish Ave Secretan is the kind of color that I wasn’t sure I’d like, but was intrigued by.

Can I tell you how much I love this? I mean really love this? It sits on my desk in my regular nail polish rotation now that I got it. It’s not quite red, it’s not quite a red punch color, either. It’s not strawberry…it’s just this luscious, delicious sort-of-red-sort-of-pink creme….and I’m here to tell you that you must, I repeat, must, have this in your nail polish arsenal. Why? For me, it was practically a one coater. I put two on just to see how the color changed and it became even deeper and more rich; more vibrant; more intense. It’s very flattering for cool toned skinned people.

Elevation Polish Ave Secretan was released in early 2013. I admit to being a late comer to Elevation Polish. It was hard to score some polishes she had, but I was so lucky to get a spot in Lulu’s Elevation Polish subscription group. Her next openings are on October 22 and if you are interested in joining, check here for more information. Make sure to check it frequently.

Now that I have all that fun stuff out of the way, on to the swatches!

Elevation Polish Ave SecretanElevation Polish Ave Secretan – Diffused Lighting

Elevation Polish Ave SecretanElevation Polish Ave Secretan – Flash

Elevation Polish Ave SecretanElevation Polish Ave Secretan – Direct Light

Thanks for making it this far! Do you like what you’ve seen?

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