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Elevation Polish Purple Blotch Basslet

Wednesday, 18 March, 2015
Elevation Polish Purple Blotch Basslet

Elevation Polish Purple Blotch Basslet was a surprise extra polish from an order I placed back in January.

Elevation Polish Purple Blotch Basslet was such a nice surprise! It reminded me of Purple Queen Anthias from her Hawaiian Punch Collection in November 2014. Purple-Blotch Basslet, in my opinion, is the prettier of the two. Don’t get me wrong – Purple Queen Anthias is gorgeous and I will be doing a comparison soon so you can see. However, I found P-BB to be the more flattering of the two for me.

Like all other formulas from Lulu, Elevation Polish Purple Blotch Basslet is superb. Quick drying time and I needed only two medium coats. It’s a magenta-y base with a gorgeous blue-purple shimmer that runs through it.

As gorgeous as Elevation Polish Purple Blotch Basslet is, sadly, it is not available. It was sent out as a surprise for her nail polish club members. If you’re not familiar with Elevation Polish, Lulu has a Polish Membership club. Memberships are currently full, but she said that there are spots opening on April 22, 2015. Keep an eye on her site to find out more on becoming a member. It’s worth it. I love being able to have a chance at a new collection and not have to worry about it selling out or not getting the color(s) I want.

Anyway, on to the pictures of Elevation Polish Purple Blotch Basslet!

As always, you can click on the thumbnails for the full-sized originals.

Elevation Polish Purple Blotch BasseletElevation Polish Purple Blotch Basslet – Diffused Light — Doesn’t it look beautiful?

Elevation Polish Purple Blotch BassletElevation Polish Purple Blotch Basslet – Direct Light — You can see the purple-blue shimmer. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Elevation Polish Purple Blotch BassletMacro


Now that you’ve seen this, do you feel you have missed out? Will you try to find it?

Until next time,


Elevation Polish Ave Secretan

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