Chanel Sky Line

Friday, 14 September, 2012
Chanel Sky Line

Chanel Sky Line was one of the most anticipated colors that my fellow polish pals were drooling over.

I saw it and was a bit “meh”. It wasn’t available for a long, long time. Like over six months kind of long time. Frankly, I had sort of forgotten about Chanel Sky Line. Then I went to the Chanel site to order the Fashion’s Night Out colors – I promise I will be swatching and posting those soon! – and happened to come across Sky Line. I went, “oh, why not? I’m already spending a motherlode. What’s another X-amount-of-dollars?” Wednesday night these landed on my doorstep…and I have to say, I’m a bit intrigued by Chanel Sky Line and dare I say I’m crushing on this bad gal?

Why am I crushing? The formula dried quickly – a total surprise. Why else am I crushing? It went on opaque in two medium coats. Why am I still crushing? It’s odd because frosts like this tend to leave visible brush strokes when you apply and under most circumstances, I’d be pitching a big ole bitch fit. However, with it in Chanel Sky Line I find I’m not. Go figure. It doesn’t bother me a bit.

Chanel Sky Line isn’t what I thought would be – an odd shade of a sky blue that I thought I’d dislike. Au contraire, mon amie…I find that I liked it because it was a slightly frosty periwinkle. It was frosty and delicate.

Come see why and how Chanel Sky Line won me over!

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Chanel Sky Line

Chanel Sky Line – Shade

See the prettiness? The shimmer plays well overall in this color.

Chanel Sky Line

Chanel Sky Line – Sun

Chanel Sky Line

Chanel Sky Line – Flash

Chanel Sky Line

Chanel Sky Line – sky shot

I like how the shimmer makes Chanel Sky Line practically match the sky.

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