Chanel – Riva

Wednesday, 1 December, 2010

I was surprised with this color. Hubby got it for me and who am I to say no to a bottle of nail polish? 😀

I was happy to get a color like this. I had been in two minds and I couldn’t make it up – do I want it or don’t I want it? Then I got a confirmation email saying it was on the way…decision taken out of my hands.

However, had I known then what I do now, I’d have said, “Let me find a dupe and pass.” I’d have used the money towards purchasing some other polish.

First off, what a craptastic formula. Streaky and a total pain to work with. Not opaque after 3 coats. Took forever and a *beeep* day to dry. I wasn’t even going to try and do 4 coats because even after the first coat, I had BUBBLES. BUBBLES IN A FIRST COAT THAT WASN’T EVEN THICK. I’m beyond disappointed.

And Chanel had a gorgeous shimmer that was prevalent in the bottle…and barely noticeable in sunlight.

Skip this. Get something like OPI’s What’s With The Cattitude or Finger Paints’ Blissfully Blue and then slap some CND Nail Effect Sparkle on it.

Ok, I think you get how disappointed I am by this polish. On to the pictures. As always, keep clicking the image until you can click it no more and it is huge. Remember, these are just thumbnails. The overall details will be seen in the original size of the picture (ghetto hangnails and all!) – you will see the shimmer in the sunlight shot and the bubbles.

Chanel - Black Pearl and Pearl Drop
Chanel vs Essie vs Rescue Beauty Lounge - Khaki Vert vs Sew Psyched vs Diddy Mow