Here are some pieces I’ve worked on…

It’s All About Me – pendant

It’s All About Me – full necklace

Necklace is all sterling silver with a liver of sulfur finish. All the tags you see in this necklace are made by me – I had pierced and sawed it into the tear drop shape. The gemstones used are London Blue Topaz (I love that stone so much) and Labradorite. The small tags are in Braille spelling out my name – Carina. The pendant is the symbol for the first syllable in the ancient (Baybayin) Tagalog language. Though it looks like an I, it stands for ka, the first syllable in my name. So literally, this necklace is all about me.

I wept a little when I sold this, but I know I can always replicate it for me if I ever feel the need to do so.

This is the sequel to It’s All About Me. (un)Surprisingly, this is called It’s All About Me Part 2. The lettering in copper is my full name in Baybayin (thank you Baybayin generator!). The lettering in silver is all in Braille and it’s my name. I approached this piece differently – instead of piercing and sawing, I soldered the silver on to the copper. Before doing so, I did the Baybayin letters and the Braille letters using a process called etching.

This is a less personal piece I created. All the silver in this piece is something I formed on my own. The headpins are also something I’ve made myself. The stones running up along the earrings are pink tourmalines and the little cluster of red gemstones are rubies. The big dangly stone is a darker pink tourmaline.

In addition to a nail polish obsession, you can see I have a slight obsession with jewelry as well…