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August 2011

IsaDora 706 In The Army

Tuesday, 30 August, 2011

I remembered seeing IsaDora cosmetics in the golden days of yore – when Walgreens was cool, ya know? I never bought any of their stuff, but I remember some of their nail polish was cool…I still never bought any. I regret it to this day.

Fast forward to me roaming around Stockholm in KungsträdgÃ¥rden (the King’s Garden) and the Galleria Mall, finding a beauty store called Kicks and suddenly seeing this green called

IsaDora In The Army Label

Interesting. I bought that and another color. I’ll feature it that this week or next!

This time I knew that I couldn’t pass up IsaDora 706 In The Army. Plus, it was a very reasonable price (for Stockholm) so how could I say no?

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Home life

Face Stockholm 107

Wednesday, 24 August, 2011

I saw Face Stockholm 107 in the store and grabbed it so fast. The girl who helped me claimed that it was part of the new fall line…

While not a dupe for Illamasqua’s Jo’Mina, it’s still a pretty damn good color.

Face Stockholm 107 label

Application was smooth and absolutely quick drying. However, when I put the “fast drying top coat”on and went to bed four hours later, I woke with minor indentations in the polish. Grrr…I hate that.

Face Stockholm 107 bottle

Sorry it’s not all in focus, but I had to put that color on there. Bottle shot because I’m so boring. LOL

Face Stockholm 107 sunlight

Please pardon the grubby hangnails. I had completely brain farted and didn’t bring anything to do manicures with. I wanted to get a mani/pedi and found a place near my house…and nearly passed out at the price for a basic mani/pedi – 650SEK. That’s about $100. I’d rather chew my own toenails off, thanks. Ok, gross visual. Sorry. Excuse me while I gag a little.

I love Face Stockholm 107 – it’s a bit darker and slightly more muted than Jo’Mina. It’s almost falling into periwinkle territory. I think I’m going to have to get a back-up bottle and get some Face Stockholm stuff for a giveaway when I get back to the States! This would definitely be worth getting, don’t you think?

As for the picture below…there is a story behind it.

Here in Stockholm (and the rest of Europe), when you buy cheese, you have to slice it yourself. I tend to pre-slice cheese for the day/week. In this particular instance, when I was making a grilled cheese sandwich for Mr Carinae, I wasn’t in the mood to slice more cheese…plus, the cheese cutter was in the dishwasher and the dishwasher was running. So Mr Carinae ended up having a very sad pathetic “cheese” sandwich. Mr Carinae took it to mean, “ONOS NO MOAR CHEEZES IN DA HOUSE!” The next night when I sent him to the store, this is what he bought…I had to put it next to my iPhone so you can see exactly HOW big this block o cheese is. Yes, I am still slicing cheese from that big block.

Moral of the story? Always have enough pre-sliced cheese on hand.



Last, but not least…it takes so little to make me happy. I was tired of having crispy undies when they came out of the dryer and Colin’s co-workers were kind enough to purchase some Bounce dryer sheets for me. They are here in Stockholm on business, so it was no trouble at all. I’m grateful and thankful because now we have fresh smelling clothes when it comes out of the dryer!s Ah…I’m so surprised Stockholm doesn’t have dryer sheets.


That all said, I’m saying nighty night!

The High Cost of Living

Sunday, 14 August, 2011

I normally don’t talk about money. How much we have or don’t have, but I know we did all right back in northern California. If we wanted to, we could go out and have dinner every night with friends and shop for the things we wanted to buy…and still put money aside for savings and a rainy day.

Imagine my horror in coming to Stockholm. Don’t get me wrong – I had braced myself for the high cost of living here.

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Maybelline 549

Monday, 8 August, 2011



I know what you’re thinking. Maybelline. Really? I don’t recall seeing Maybelline polish back in the US. Then again, I never really looked, either. I purchased this last weekend at a smaller Åhléns near my home. I’m still overwhelmed every time I step in there. I don’t know why.

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Home life

La Pluie

Monday, 8 August, 2011
Beef Bolognese

Before I run off to bed, here is what I did today on my Sunday…day of rest and all that.

I had some small plans to go out, but that was quickly negated by the big fatty clouds in the sky. I knew what it was. Then I heard some noise and looked out the window.

Rainy Day

Onos. La pluie. There went my idea of spending the morning out and about picking up stuff. However, the rain gave me an excuse to make an impromptu French Toast with the baguettes we picked up while shopping yesterday. No pictures of the baguettes or French Toast, but I’ll be making the baguettes into bread pudding and I shall provide pics of that!

I had put aside five hours of my day for making some bolognese. It was worth it. Doesn’t it look pretty?

Beef Bolognese

I even included the recipe in the post, too. It’s at the very bottom. I decided to do step by step pics. Yea, rainy days get me going like that…

Word to the wise: this post is picture heavy behind the jump.

As always, click on the thumbnails to show the pictures in their original sizes.

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Fun rainy Saturday, Part 2

Sunday, 7 August, 2011

So Gay Pride was a bit of a surprise for me. Not because it was Gay Pride, but because I’m used to seeing GP held in June across my part of the States. Despite the rain, I love Pride parades. So many colorful people – I love it.

I wandered around and had to get a picture that was in the shop…

I know, right?

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Home life

Fun rainy Saturday, Part 1

Saturday, 6 August, 2011

This is my first weekend in Stockholm where I wasn’t fully jet lagged and pissy. Normally I’m just pissy, but throw in jet lag with memories of a screeching child? Yea, I’m not a happy camper.

We roamed and had Indian food. Not quite like back in the US or in India. This food had a bit too much sweetness to it. For me to complain about it being sweet means it’s really sweet.

Anyway, we roamed and kept hearing all this crazy music. Saw floats and from a distance I kept seeing a rainbow flag…

I moved closer but the rainbow flag had moved on. I wanted a flag shot, so I got one of the Swedish flag instead.

By the way…That building behind the flag? That’s where Colin works.

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