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What’s In Your Purse?

Thursday, 18 August, 2011
Louis Vuitton Messenger Bag

I know what’s in mine…and what weighs it down. For starters, the Louis Vuitton messenger bag is already heavy to begin with it!

Louis Vuitton Messenger Bag

This is my purse that I decided should travel with me to Sweden. It’s a Louis Vuitton messenger bag, aka European Man Bag. It holds my tray-sures!

Louis Vuitton messenger bag

I’ll be honest…I don’t know why I brought some of this crap with me when I clearly could’ve left it back in California. Can you tell I’m a Louis Vuitton fan? I miss the days of when I worked for Louis Vuitton-Moët Hennessey!

  1. Checkbook – of course that’s in Louis Vuitton print, too.
  2. Business cards
  3. Oops. Misprint!
  4. Extra shopping bag
  5. Bobbi Brown lip gloss holder with mirror. Doubles as a jewelry holder, too!
  6. Nars – Victoire
  7. Nars – Female Trouble (I keep calling this color Female Problems…call me silly)
  8. MAC – Russian Red
  9. MAC – Viva Glam
  10. NARS – Pigalle
  11. Peridot Ring I made ages ago.
  12. Matchy matchy Louis Vuitton wallet purchased 12 years ago
  13. Matchy matchy Louis Vuitton change purse that latches on to the inside of my purse’s hook. That little change purse has been discontinued and I’m always surprised by how much people want it still!
  14. Chanel Sunglasses (I also have a pair of prescription Oliver Peoples)
  15. Nars lip liner in Kenya
  16. MAC Lip liner in Mahogany
  17. MAC Lip liner in Brick

The other things? I think they’re self-explantory! Feminine hygiene products…notice the red Sharpies? It’s for when I feel like editing some menus when I go out to eat and I find typos. Yea, that’s how I roll. I still have my housekeys from California as well as the car key to a car that isn’t here. I know, I know.

There are 2 fountain pens as well. The one with the diamond pattern on it is a Pelikan, Medium point. The other is a Sailor, extra-fine point.

There is the requisite Lemony Flutter for my cuticles because…Winter is coming! I know I’ll be gone before it hits here, but it still gets a bit nippy in California.

Oh…and the final 2 things that sometimes make it in, but more than often don’t because they tend to weigh down the purse a lot!


My journal on the left, hence the need for the fountain pens. Last, but not least, my iPad2. It’s definitely lighter than the original iPad, but to be honest, I think I really miss my Sony eReader because it’s lighter and far more portable. I tend to use my iPad for reading more than anything else. I check my email on my iPhone and I do the occasional browsing on the iPad. I may hold out for the new Sony eReader in October/end of the year if they do it in color and it give me a bigger screen to read off of. Those were my two complaints about my old ereader – small screen and no color.

Anyway, that’s my post for today. Sorry no nail polish…yet. I promise there will be some soon.

Now that I’ve shown you what’s in my purse I’m curious to know what’s in yours?

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