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Tourist Day Out, Part 1 – Moderna Museet

Thursday, 8 September, 2011

When an old friend from college showed up in Stockholm for a visit (and a Dolly Parton concert a couple of weekends ago), we did some sightseeing – most notably the Swedish Museem of Modern Art – Moderna Museet. Before going there, we got on a boat!


This was a shot of Moderna Museet from the boat. Looks kinda cool, right? That’s the best picture I’ve taken in my time on boats here.

More pictures of Moderna Museet behind the jump – this is an image heavy post.

MOMAStockholm1I was a bad girl and took pictures inside…but for today, you’ll have to settle for the pictures outside of the museum! If you are ever in Stockholm, I hope you make it to the Moderna Museet.

Here are some shots from some displays outside



I loved this from the photography exhibit! I may very well have to submit a photo in…of a nail swatch. Now I have to figure out what color to do.



Had a great day here – we took a boat up to the island (in case you didn’t know, Stockholm is comprised of archipelagos) and for my return, I ended up taking the Blue Line 65 bus back to T-Centralen (Central Station). It was easy and so much easier than getting on the boat. I was able to use my pre-purchased ticket and all that crazy stuffs. I even have a card to travel around the city by public transport…sometimes it’s a bit of a pain because I’m so used to having a car.

When I go to the store I think, “It’s only a 3 block walk back! It’s not far at all.” Famous last thought. It gets really awkward when I’m carrying 5 shopping bags that are kind of heavy — thanks orange juice and milk! Of course, when I get back to the apartment I’m so irritated with the bags cutting into my hands I take the elevator up. Because, you know, going up the stairs to the first floor is really so hard. Plus, I’ve nearly fallen down those narrow ass stairs. I was doing laundry one day. I took the stairs because (back then) I couldn’t justify taking the elevator down ONE FLOOR. As luck would have it, I wasn’t paying attention and I missed a step. In that split second I was like, “Save my ass or save the dirty laundry?”  I chose to save my funky chunky butt and let my dirty laundry fly down the stairs. As luck would have it, it landed at the feet of a guy who really was trying not to laugh. Glad I can make your day with my clumsiness. 😉 I’m pretty sure it was a funny sight. Not.

That’s life for me right now! Sorry it’s not exciting. I will have more pictures for you, but for the next round they’re badly taken iPhone photos.

Je me souviens...
Face Stockholm 107

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