Fun rainy Saturday, Part 2

Sunday, 7 August, 2011

So Gay Pride was a bit of a surprise for me. Not because it was Gay Pride, but because I’m used to seeing GP held in June across my part of the States. Despite the rain, I love Pride parades. So many colorful people – I love it.

I wandered around and had to get a picture that was in the shop…

I know, right?

For Dr Who fans… DON’T BLINK!

Had to throw that in there for a bit of fun

Now…So, I was a bit baffled. I saw this and was having a moment of confusion.

The Chevy truck, the plaid shirt and the shirt that the guy who is facing the camera is wearing says American Chopper. I am all kinds of confused. Never mind the Swedish license plate. I’m particularly fond of the picnic table bench in the bed of the truck…and that they’re drinking beer.

As if that was confusing enough, imagine my shock when I saw these cars, too! It was like a classic car convention had rolled into town, but it seems that they were here last weekend, too. I was too busy sleeping to notice. I was dead girl walking last week.

How awesome is this car? I actually was a bit envious.

Sorry it’s blurry, but I did my best to get a pic of it while it was in motion.

How pretty is this car? Notice the bitchin’ Camaro parked right in front of it?

Check out the old school California license plate behind the Swedish one. I cried a little because the yellow-on-black brought back memories of my little old 1967 Mustang and her plates. *sniffles* Poor girl got given away to an uncle…who refurbished it and then sold it. Had I known it was going to get sold, I’d never, NEVER have ever let it go. I thought he was going to keep it for himself. Can’t bitch at the man in person given that he’s dead now. I can still curse him, though. 😉

So pretty and shiny!

So gorgeous!

Sorry no more pics of Pride, but I had to share the classic car thing – it was throwing me for a loop given it’s in the middle of Stockholm. Can anyone shed some light on this phenomena for me? I’d really appreciate it.

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