China Glaze – Blue Iguana and LaRosa Crackles

Monday, 13 June, 2011

It’s a Blue Monday post. I was listening to some New Order the other day.

This is also part of China Glaze’s Summer 2011 Collection called Island Escape.

I decided to play with the LaRosa crackles, too!

Blue Iguana was definitely pretty, but I had some small problems with the formula – it was a bit too thin for my taste. Application was a minor problem because of the thinness. Slight cuticle pull and a little too much sheerness to it. The pictures are three coats. I wanted a bit more opacity to it so I thought three would do it, but it seems I should have gone for four. I almost did, but changed my mind. I was getting impatient. The sun was shining, a slight breeze was going on and my allergies were in full swing. Tranlsation: the less time outside I spent swatching the better for my sneezing and wheezing.

While I thought Blue Iguana was pretty with its shimmery glittery specks, I just wasn’t wowed like I wanted to be. Maybe I got put off by the formula…whatever the case was I decided to play around with some of my LaRosa crackles. Sadly, I thought the green crackle may have stood out a bit more. Magenta ended up being dulled out because of the darkness of the blue. Boo! At any rate, I had fun doing this. I’m still not a crackle fan, but the greedy little nail polish girl in me is considering the rest of the China Glaze metallic crackles. I want to get them before I take off for Sweden. I’ve seen them on various blogs and while I think they’re pretty, they’re still not me, but I find I want them. Yea, I’m greedy. I know.



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