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China Glaze – 2Nite

Wednesday, 23 March, 2011

I was going to do a creme swatch the other day, but the sun came out and I feel like I’ve been buried in gray skies, despite the fact we haven’t really had rain in California in such a long time. I can’t complain. We need the rain.

Anyway, the sun came out and I felt like it was the gods smiling down upon me, granting me a clear moment (or two!) to get nail polish things done. I took advantage of it and have no regrets. I’ve been needing a break from playing Dragon Age 2. My xBox totally froze. Stupid MicroShite. To make it worse, it was right in the frakkin’ middle of the huge end battle with Knight Commander Meredith. I snapped a pic with my phone because I just couldn’t believe it. I thought the game was just loading…and then it just froze on that screen. I was waiting for the cut scene. Didn’t happen. No, I’m not angry or annoyed at all. *rolls eyes* I think I was never meant to finish this game. It’s been a bit of drama with the xbox ever since I started playing. Grrr.

Anyway, I am all irritated just looking at that picture.

Here is the polish I have for you today…

This color is awesome…not only does the strong display of holoraphic make me all weak in the knees, but this is a bit like my dream come true in a color. It’s a bit like periwinkle, a little on the violet side and just all around awesome with a nice cool shade.

Like most polishes of the holographic nature, it was thin and really hard to work with. You have to be fast and precise. I am not. At least it dries quickly.

Daisy Nail Lacquer - California Sunshine and China Glaze Crackles
China Glaze - Octa Gone Wild and QT

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