China Glaze Holographic

Day 2 Challenge – Rainbow

Thursday, 17 November, 2011

Ohh boy…did I have issues with this one. Mostly because in my head, my nails far more fabulous than they did in real life…

Oh honey. No. Nail art is so not me. I tried to use all holographics because I thought it would work beautifully…Turns out, no. I didn’t have an orange holo, my yellow holo was not right. I thought I’d have these awesome fabulous rainbow dots on my nails, but it didn’t happen. Once again, the biggest issue I had come across was the size of my nail bed. It is really, really TINY. So designs can’t really be done.

The only nail that is remotely interesting is my pointer finger. I did scotch tape art on it.

I think this 10 day challenge is really going to be a pain in my behind. Tomorrow’s challenge, your favorite book, is one that will have me screaming for the hills. I want to do vampires, but I fear people will think it’s Twilight and not Interview With The Vampire. Oh well.

On to the pics! I can’t tell you what colors I used because…I put them away without writing it down. 🙁 I will dig it up in the morning and post the colors used.

As always, click on the image to take you to the original sized photo.

Challenge Day 2 Rainbow Shade


Challenge Day 2 Rainbow sun


day 2 pointer

One thing I discovered about the holographics from China Glaze…those bad babies TOTALLY TEAR THROUGH SCOTCH TAPE! I didn’t know that. I kept wondering what the heck was happening. At first I thought it was a fluke, second time I thought it was me, third time I finally admitted it was the holographic polish formula.

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