10 day challenge

Wednesday, 16 November, 2011

I’m part of this group on Facebook — we love nail polish. I’m not a huge fan of nail art, but I thought I’d give this a shot.

I can’t do things like a 15 day challenge or a 30 day challenge…mostly because I’m lazy and because I can’t do nail art. Plus, finding inspiration, despite all the bottles of polish I have is incredibly hard for me. I’m better at writing or creating when I’ve got silver wire and am in my jewelry studio.

Here are the 10 Challenges:
1. Pink Nails
2. Rainbow Nails
3. Favorite Book or Inspired by a Book
4. Animal Print
5. Blue Nails
6. Favorite Celebrity Manicure
7. Favorite Freehand Nail Art Design
8. Favorite Movie or Inspired by a Movie
9. Favorite Color Combination
10. Ombre Nails

These are the girls I am doing the challenge with – I hope you see what they’ve created!




Day 2 Challenge - Rainbow