Maybelline 549

Monday, 8 August, 2011



I know what you’re thinking. Maybelline. Really? I don’t recall seeing Maybelline polish back in the US. Then again, I never really looked, either. I purchased this last weekend at a smaller Åhléns near my home. I’m still overwhelmed every time I step in there. I don’t know why.

First and foremost, I want to say that I would normally not showcase any company that tests on animals. I wrestled with my conscience on this – on one hand, I didn’t want to show it, but on the other, I had purchased it and dang it, it was going to be shown! Animal testing be damned. I had purchased 2 other bottles, but I decided to showcase only this one and not the others. Not quite a happy medium, but in the future Maybelline won’t be putting in an appearance on this blog.

Ok, enough with the explanations. We’re here to look at this polish.

Though not original, I still had to get this color. I love colors like this and even though I have about 20 bottles of this color back at home, I felt sad that I didn’t have one here.

I honestly did not come prepared to do nails here. To get a basic mani pedi here it costs 650SEK +, basically $100 and up. Well, at least in the area of Stockholm I live in. I don’t know where else to go for a cheaper, but just as good pedicure. I can’t really read or speak Swedish, so I’m kind of screwed there. I had resigned myself to doing my own nails and keeping them un-polished. I just brought along a nail file. So resigned was I that didn’t even bring any type of polish at all…so imagine my shock and horror when hubby kept taking me places with bottles and bottles for me to be tempted by.

I got tempted. This was the first of them and I have this horrible, horrible sinking feeling it won’t be the last, either.

As I said earlier, I didn’t even think for one red hot moment that I’d be doing my nails at all…so pardon the cuticles and hang nails.

Not quite sure if you can see it in these 2 shots, but do you notice the color on the middle finger is darker than the other three? Know why? It’s this crazy top coat from a Swedish brand called Depend. I thought the slight lavender tint to the top coat (which claimed to be fast drying, btw. Fast drying MY ASS. It took 8+ hours and I have dents from my comforter in my polish…grrrr) was purely cosmetic. I didn’t think that it would change the color at all.

It did. It irritated me because it did that. It is now shoved to the back of my small, yet ever growing collection of polishes, in my closet.

The formula took a while to dry. I couldn’t quite determine if it is the humidity or the formula itself. I just know that forty minutes in between coats wasn’t enough time for it to dry.