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Chanel Riva vs Revlon Blue Lagoon

Thursday, 19 May, 2011

I saw Blue Lagoon at my Walgreens and went, “Ohh…I can do a comparison to Riva!” and they have some shocking similarities. They’re both shockingly shitty with application. There I said it. I blasphemed the La Maison de Chanel. Revlon – eh. Like they care.

Despite the craptastic application, they’re both pretty colors.

Come and see…




Blue Lagoon Review:  Three coats. Three freaking coats. Look at the lumpiness. The chalkiness. Ugh. Three coats of trying to smooth everything out. Wrong! It just got lumpier and chalkier…The only thing that smoothed it out somewhat was the topcoat I put on over it. There is some chunky glitter in it, but not as chunky as one would thing. When compared to the shimmer from Riva, the Blue Lagoon glitter does seem chunky. This formula took forever and a day to dry. It took longer than 5 minutes between coats – I was desperately trying to avoid lumps and bubbles in the polish.

Riva is…Riva. I won’t got on about it, but you can read about it here. I will say, however, that neither of these polishes are worth it.

I think one is better off purchasing a Finger Paints polish that is sky blue – it’s opaque in two medium coats. Then purchase a CND Nail Effect polish and slap it on top…not only will it be prettier, but it’s still cheaper!

I’m sad that I didn’t find a dupe for Riva that’s better quality. Oh well, I’m sure there are many other polishes out there waiting for me to try.

Chanel Mimosa
Zoya - Dove

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