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Cult Nails Nakizzle’s Shizzle

Tuesday, 10 September, 2013
Cult Nails Nakizzle's Shizzle

Cult Nails Nakizzle’s Shizzle is, quite frankly, the shizzle.

I’m a sucker for blues like this and this delivers. Described by Maria over at the Cult Nails site as “A super bright, yet soft, blue creme polish.  Nakizzle’s Shizzle was originally offered as part of the “Dance All Night Collection”, Summer 2013.“, Cult Nails Nakizzle’s Shizzle really is a blue that I regret not putting on my fingertips the moment I got this color in the mail.

It’s bright, yet soft and one that flatters my skin tone. Hooray! Cult Nails Nakizzle’s Shizzle also dried in record time and I’m happy to say it didn’t bubble up in between coats. I used two medium-thin layers in the pictures below. I’m going to have to swatch the rest of the colors from this collection because I’m falling in love with them when I see other bloggers who have swatched this. My Cult Nails swatch drawer is so backed up. 🙁 I haven’t really been able to get to all the colors from Maria’s collections. I swear, they’re released so quickly…or I just go slowly. Haha.

As always, please click on the image which will double in size…then click on the image again (it will triple in size!) to view the photo in its original size.

Cult Nails Nakizzle's Shizzle

Cult Nails Nakizzle’s Shizzle, Macro

Pretty Macro!

Cult Nails Nakizzle's Shizzle

This is my favorite shot of Cult Nails Nakizzle’s Shizzle – the way the blue looks in here totally kills any blue I have in my stash.

Cult Nails Nakizzle's Shizzle

Love the flash!

Cult Nails Nakizzle's Shizzle

More like a little overcast and not sunny, yet for some reason, I labelled this as sunlight…hm. My bad.

Someone asked me why I don’t use a light box – I’ll be honest: I don’t think light boxes truly reflect what a color is like in real life. While I think a light box can get you prettier, edgier shots of a polish, I don’t think it’s very realistic. So while my images may not be as richly saturated with jewel tones or deep hues, you are getting a real-life look at the polish in action.

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