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Face Stockholm 70

Monday, 26 September, 2011
Face Stockholm 70

It’s a gorgeous Monday, even though by the time you all read this my Monday is almost over. I wasn’t feeling blue this morning, but I wanted to share Face Stockholm 70 with you.

I’m still a sucker for blues like this. I almost bought Chanel’s Coco Blue, but decided against it. I was having massive reservations thanks to Riva. I won’t go there. Just read the blog post about it. Suffice it to say I was hesitant about this shade. It was tainted by the ghost of Riva. I bit the bullet and decided to get it anyway…

I’m glad I did. Face Stockholm 70 was such an easy color to apply. I didn’t use base coat and no topcoat. Just dropped it on the nail for a quick swatch. I admit that I was quite heavy handed in the application and you can see it in the lumpy parts. However, I found that the formula was only slightly chalky and tended to dry fairly fast despite the heavy handed application on my part.

The sun and I played hide and seek while I did the swatching for Face Stockholm 70. Mostly I sought and the sun hid. It really was like playing a game with a child…only it’s easier to catch the child than it is to get the sun here in Stockholm. The days of darkness are beginning. It’s ok. I’ll be gone by the time the official darkness settles in. I’m starting to get homesick, despite the fact I really am enjoying my time here. I really like the food and the ease of public transportation. I miss driving, don’t get me wrong, but the pubic transport here is phenomenal. Hell, public transport in Europe is all around awesome.

Anyway, enough of my rambling and on to the pictures of the pretty blue of Face Stockholm 70.

As always, keep clicking the thumbnails until you get to the original size of the photo.

 Face Stockholm 70 Face Stockholm 70

Face Stockholm 32
Face Stockholm 73