Julep Claire

Monday, 4 February, 2013
Julep Claire

Julep Claire is a gorgeous shade of sky blue that I really do like…

Unfortunately, this color is rife with problems. So while I love the fact that this is a sky-blue creme, it was runny. This is my first time using a Julep polish and I certainly hope that the entire line is not as awful as this.

While it was wonderfully opaque in two medium coats, this was a runny formula that tended towards cuticle pull. It took forever and a day to dry…I was so bored waiting for it to dry that I slapped on my Poshe fast drying top coat and I got shrinkage super fast. I had to start all over again because every single nail was ruined. GRRRRR. Strike number one.

I had to wait about ten to fifteen minutes per coat for it to dry. When it finally dried, I was quite pleased with the color itself.

However, Julep Claire is not the kind of polish that’s for the long haul. Within less than two days this color was rife with chips and tears.

I’m glad I didn’t purchase this polish at full price – quite happy I got it in a swap. This formula confirmed my suspicions of dislike with Julep.

I have other colors from Julep that I acquired in a swap and we’ll see how those fare.

Value for the dollar? I think Julep is a HUGE RIP-OFF. Plus, if my nail polish memory serves me correctly, they were nearly sued by Zoya because their nail polish was named after women, which is what Zoya is known for…sneaky, very sneaky and unimaginative.

Why pay so much for a nail polish that…

  • Has smaller bottles that don’t close properly (I have 4 others from Julep)
  • Is priced higher per fluid ounce than some CHANEL and DIOR (true luxury brands)
  • Has an awful formula that chips in under three days?
  • Has colors that have been done better by higher and drugstore brands…and at a much cheaper price?

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Julep Claire

Julep Claire – shade

Looks lovely, soft and buttery beautiful.

Julep Claire

Julep Claire – sun

Even in the harsh glare of direct sunlight, this is still lovely and soft. Pity the formula sucks.

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