Face Stockholm 73

Saturday, 24 September, 2011

Oh, look. Another Face Stockholm color…yay? For me it’s YAY! Why? Just look at this right now and tell me it’s not yay-worthy.

Face Stockholm 73 isn’t quite fuchsia. It’s not quite magenta, either. Camera went into freak out mode over the color…and rightfully so. It’s the kind of dynamic color you honestly have to see in person. Face Stockholm 73 is a lot deeper, richer than what the photo shows. I was able to manipulate this in PhotoShop, getting the color almost exactly perfectly like the color on the bottle and on my nails…but one teeny, tiny problem: my fingers were this odd, sallow color. So while the color looked perfect on-screen, my skin tone on-screen vs real life are two drastically different things. In the end, I opted to show you the PS version where my coloring didn’t look so sallow, but the polish color is as true as it can get without seeing it in person.

Face Stockholm 73 Overcast

Face Stockholm 73 Overcast Alternative shot

Formula for this was a tad on the streaky side, but once I figured it out, very easily to manipulate and make it work to my advantage. I didn’t use a top coat in these photos. I took them just as I finished applying them because I didn’t have the time, patience nor the inclination to wait for a top coat to dry. I used two very thick coats to get it to this opacity.

What I should’ve done was take a picture of the color when it dried because it was a semi-matte kind of finish. I would liken it to a candle kind of finish – a bit satiny, not quite glossy but not dull, either.

Face Stockholm 70
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