Orly Neon Heat

Thursday, 7 August, 2014

Orly Neon Heat (number 20495) is a beautiful hot pink/neon creme.

I had done a lovely bright dotticure mani earlier this week using Floss Gloss colors. I featured one of them yesterday, but have only featured one of them. I will be showing the other soon.

This was incredibly easy to work with – opaque in 2 thick coats and such a gorgeous color. No issues with streaking like I had with Orly’s Tropical Pop. To see my review of Tropical Pop, click here. This wasn’t lumpy nor thick. I can’t wait to do another mani with Orly Neon Heat! I am hoping to transform this one into something different, but we’ll see if it turns out and see if it’s worthy of showing.

What I really liked about this shade is that it photographed extremely well and is a true to life representation of the color. I also didn’t need to use white under the color to make the color pop. It was nice and peppy all on its own – exactly the way I like my neons/brights.

Orly Neon Heat is part of Orly’s Baked Collection for Summer 2014.

Orly Neon Heat 20495Diffused Light

Orly Neon Heat 20495Flash

Orly Neon Heat 20495Direct Light

Orly Neon Heat 20495Sunlight

Now that you’ve seen Orly Neon Heat, do you think you need or want it in your collection?

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