Orly Tropical Pop

Thursday, 31 July, 2014
Orly Tropical Pop 20497

Orly Tropical Pop is a fun, bright orange neon/bright creme that is perfect for summer.

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and our theme for July is orange. Here is my contribution.

If you’re bold enough, you’ll also wear Orly Tropical Pop during the winter months to perk yourself up when the glum weather hits you…unless you’re in California and it looks like a perma-summer in the dead of winter. Now Orly Tropical Pop is no different than other neons/brights that I’ve worked with in the past and I was hoping that Orly would be able to sort it out and make the formula different than other neon/brights. Sadly, like a bulk of other neons/brights I’ve used, this, too, was chalky and streaky. It was thick, but not very opaque. It didn’t self-level. This was three coats to get this opacity. I also used a white base to keep the brightness of the color. Some notes: this color dries semi-matte; a bit like the finish of a candle, to be exact. This also dried quickly, which was surprising. Furthermore, despite it being like other neons/brights, I really liked this. Normally I would write it off because of the formula, but the color…the color. Intensely vibrant, bright and very neon.

Fair warning — this color, in real life, is bright. Like you’d think retinal damage. I was a bit startled by it earlier when I was prepping dinner. Out of the corner of my eye, I wondered what the heck the brightness was. Oh, hi, it’s my nails — Orly Tropical Pop, to be exact!

I do like this color a lot. I have recently embraced neons and bright colored polishes. I actively now seek them out!

Come and see this bright beauty.

Orly Tropical Pop 20497Diffused Light

Orly Tropical Pop 20497Flash

Orly Tropical Pop 20497Direct Light

Now that you’ve seen it, will you be purchasing this?

Orly Tropical Pop can be found on the following sites: eBay and Amazon; if you happen to live in San Jose, CA, go to US Nails Supply and tell them Carina sent you. I love Sharlene and Michael.

Thanks for making it this far. If you liked what you’ve read, make sure to check out the other gals who participated in this Orange Thursday!

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