Orly Glowstick Orly Skinny Dip

Wednesday, 5 September, 2012
Orly Glowstick

As summer fades into fall, I couldn’t help but feel like I need to throw in some neon polishes before the summer officially ends. I present Orly Glowstick and Orly Skinny Dip.

Orly Glowstick was this insane, INSANE shade of yellow that was bright neon yellow with some green undertones. The moment I put it on, I kept thinking it was this crazy highlighter yellow from my school years of yore. Orly Glowstick was a bit of a pain to work with, though. I kept hoping that it would eventually work out after the first coat and be opaque. Not the case. What you see here on my nail is four, yes 4, coats applied in the hopes that it would all smooth out and no visible nail would show underneath. Nope. After four coats, you can still see the nail line. To make matters worse, Orly Glowstick took forever and a day to dry. That was not fun, my friend.

Orly Skinny Dip was a bit of a surprise. I was hoping it would be a bit more POP in the color, but it wasn’t. I’m not saying that Orly Skinny Dip isn’t pretty because it is – it actually took me by surprise. This was also a bit of a sheer and hard to work with polish. What you see here is three coats. I do love the shimmer that is prevalent in the swatches and I think that the shimmer actually added a bit more dimension and depth to what could have been a boring creme that everyone has seen before. I would actually wear Orly Skinny Dip outside of summer – it’s the kind of color that cheers you up, don’t you think?

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Orly Glowstick

Orly Glowstick – shade

Orly Glowstick

Orly Glowstick – sun

Orly Skinny Dip

Orly Skinny Dip – shade

Orly Skinny Dip

Orly Skinny Dip – sun


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