Face Stockholm 95

Wednesday, 21 September, 2011


Ok, I was hasty. I was so frustrated, but I found a solution – paint my nails quick. Say a prayer I don’t smudge them as I’m getting ready to take a swatch shot…et voilà! I no longer have hand wringing moments. Of course, I still can’t do a regular mani or wear color so my nails stay bare. Sad panda. This is the label shot of Face Stockholm 95.

Face Stockholm 95 Label



I fell in love with Face Stockholm 95 at the store. It reminded me of my favorite color from China Glaze’s Rodeo Diva collection – Wagon Trail.

The glitter in this is really gorgeous and the color looks beautiful in the bottle. However, it seems like it lost a tiny bit of its lustre when on the nail. I have to say that it really is due to the light. I was working with what I could get in between the clouds! Plus, Face Stockholm 95 was wet and I was desperately trying to avoid getting any polish on my camera lens. That would not have been good. Mr Carinae would’ve shaken his head and said that I can’t have pretty things.

Face Stockholm 95 Cloudy Overcast

I love the blackened base with the green-gold flecks of glitter. It adds a whole new spin on the color and I think they got it right. This could’ve been a dull color but they put in all the things I like in colors like this, despite it being a glitter polish. Yes, I still hate glitter polishes. Not changing my mind on that anytime soon.

Face Stockholm 95 2cloudy overcast


The sun came out for a brilliant second and I was fortunate enough to get this shot. It looks exactly like the bottle shot. Woo hoo!

Formula on this dried quickly and a bit matte. I didn’t really like that, but I think they were counting on me using a top coat. I was able to get these shots before the second coat had completely dried. You do need two coats of this color because it is woefully thin. I think if I had done a third coat, it would’ve been even more spectacular.

Face Stockholm 73
*throws up hands*