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Orly Miss Conduct

Monday, 19 November, 2012
Orly Miss Conduct

Orly Miss Conduct is this magenta slightly holographic nail polish that surprised me. Why? I didn’t think it would be slightly holographic…

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Face Stockholm 73

Saturday, 24 September, 2011

Oh, look. Another Face Stockholm color…yay? For me it’s YAY! Why? Just look at this right now and tell me it’s not yay-worthy.

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China Glaze Holographic

China Glaze – Octa Gone Wild and QT

Friday, 18 March, 2011

I’ve been slacking. I fully admit it, though I hang my head in shame when I say why. I’m sadly sucked into the world of a video game I’m playing – Dragon Age 2. This is my first time playing an RPG (role playing game). Traditionally, I’ve played MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role playing game) – EverQuest and WoW to name a couple. So this time I’m playing DA2 on the XBox. I’ve been bound and determined to finish the game, but I’m about 75% through the game and I realized…I hate how my character is relating to another. What have I done? Why, I’ve scrapped the game and started a new one…and am discovering new quests and relationships because I’ve changed one line of dialogue.So while thrilled, I’m also going, “OMG. What have I gotten into?!”

Anyway, since I didn’t do a post yesterday I’m throwing in the color along with my Friday Red.

I am showing you my attempt at doing a week of Holographic polish…here are 2 polishes from China Glaze – Octa Gone Wild and QT

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Essie – It’s Genius

Monday, 7 March, 2011

I have had this color forever. Like almost two years before I even swatched it. I’m not quite sure why I sat on it for so long, but it seems I’ve got other colors I’ve yet to do as well…and they’re Essie colors to boot! What the heck?

Not a blue for this Monday because the sun is shining…no green, but that’s reserved for the rest of the week.

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OPI – Diva of Geneva

Thursday, 9 December, 2010
OPI Diva of Geneva

OPI Diva of Geneva is part of their Fall 2010 Swiss Collection. I know I’m a bit late in getting this out, but when I had seen the promo pics, I got excited. So excited I was that I kept calling my nail guys here. I was begging, pleading, whining to know when/if they got it and have them call me so I can get there and buy it ASAP.

Well, they did as they promised and called me. However, once I had them in my possession, I was not impressed. I was so unimpressed that I put them in the back of my OPI drawer. Yea. Out of sight, out of mind and all that. However, it sat at the back of my mind for ages and I finally thought…”why not?”

So here it is. OPI Diva of Geneva is a pretty color – don’t get me wrong. It’s got some nice flashes to it and that makes it somewhat redeemable, but it’s not me. Sorry, OPI. Your final solo fall collection didn’t wow me the way your France collection just a few scant years ago.

Formula was ok. Nothing really stood out. I guess that means it dried in a decent amount of time and didn’t annoy me.

OPI Diva of Geneva

Please excuse the big old chip on my middle finger. I had been wearing this color for a few days just to see how it would hold up. It wasn’t too bad. 🙂

OPI Diva of Geneva

Nubar – Sparkle Collection – Spring 2010

Friday, 11 June, 2010

I did show Hyacinth sparkle earlier, but I decided to add it in here again because it wouldn’t be fair to that poor swatch to not be part of the kewl krowd!

Notes: Formula dried fast. I’m not a fan of glitter, but I did fall in love with these. Nubar, Zoya and China Glaze are my favorites. SpaRitual really doesn’t fall in there (even though I love their nail polish) because they are extremely hard for me to come by. If SpaRitual would let  me buy on their site or if my fave nail polish man here in CA would sell it, I would be reviewing SR a lot more. The glitter in these are extremely dense. So dense that even 2 coats of a top coat couldn’t produce a smooth surface. I don’t like dented polish. I know it sounds silly, but that’s just me. Each of these polishes were 2 coaters unless otherwise noted. They went on extremely well and no clumpy, lumpy, piss-me-off messes. Way to go Nubar! 🙂

You’ve seen this before. 🙂 I wore it a few weeks ago to cheer me up when we were going into a rain filled weekend.

Not sure why but when I saw this I was reminded of China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps. This was far prettier in the shade than in the sunlight. Sun totally washed it out.

Dug this light green green glitter that had the right combo of warm and cool hues. I think people of both skin tones can wear this safely.

Mega dense glitter that really sparkled so intensely I think it actually tamed the sunlight that shined down on this color. One of my faves from this collection.

I couldn’t make up my mind as to whether I liked this or not. I’m leaning more towards like. Pretty magenta-esque color that was easy to apply.

This aptly named color could have benefited from 3 coats instead of 2. This one is at the bottom of the list for me.

I think this is the type of glitter polish that you use over other dark colors to bring out a prettiness to them. I don’t feel this is a stand alone glitter…maybe I should’ve done three coats.

For me this one and Hyacinth sparkle were my all time favorites. I’m going to have to put this on for the weekend.

china glaze nail polish swatches Fall 2008 Rodeo Diva

China Glaze – Fall 2008 – Rodeo Diva Collection

Wednesday, 24 February, 2010

I remember seeing this back in 2008, before leaving for India. I was so tempted to buy it, but didn’t. I really didn’t want to buy it, then try to lug it to India or worse yet, leave it behind. So I didn’t buy it.

The nail polish guy I go to here in AZ had these puppies on CLEARANCE for a mere dollar. HOLLA!!! I grabbed as many as I could, but sadly, not all colors are here. I’m not about to go and buy from an e-tailer because the colors I’m missing aren’t ones I think I really I want, anyway.

This was definitely one where I went, “I don’t like this color in the bottle, but boy do I love it on me!” It’s a super rich raspberry tone that’s broke up with a lovely frost.

I love green nail polish and this is no exception. I didn’t understand the fuss, now I do. Definitely one that I am happy to have in my collection!

Now this…this really stole my heart – can you see why? I swear it reminds me of my favorite colors from my junior high days. This color was flattering on my skin tone – definitely a keeper, too!

So the girl who loves dark nail polish (that’s me!) loved this, too…despite the faint shimmer running through this. This was such a deep dark eggplant kind of purple that I ended up liking the faint shimmer. It brought a kind of depth that I didn’t know I’d truly appreciate until I saw it on me.

A lovely ocean blue nail polish with a shimmer and and some subtle micro glitter thrown in for good measure…and what a difference that makes!

This is another eggplant-y shade that they had…but they threw in some warm gold micro glitter that really…really made this color seem slightly bronze-y and just a beautiful shade to have on your nails.

Ok, now this…this is the total surprise for me of the collection. Not quite a black nail polish, but the base was so dark a green it appeared black. Then they had put some shimmer to it that was gold. The result? A gorgeously mysterious dark green nail polish with some beautiful gold/bronze shimmer. A real gem!