Orly Miss Conduct

Monday, 19 November, 2012
Orly Miss Conduct

Orly Miss Conduct is this magenta slightly holographic nail polish that surprised me. Why? I didn’t think it would be slightly holographic…

While some may argue it’s not really holographic, I think it’s holographic enough. I wore this for a couple of days and while my camera was incapable of completely capturing the holo-goodness, it did capture the shyness of it. It’s a fairly weak holo, so if you’re expecting the holographic goodness of the OMG/Kaleidoscope collection, you will be disappointed. It’s still pretty, don’t get me wrong.

Formula was good – it dried in record time. I did, however, do three coats of this because I wasn’t happy with my application. There was no bubbling, despite my heavy handed ways.

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Orly Miss Conduct

Orly Miss Conduct - shade

It doesn’t seem like much in the shade other than it’s a pretty color.

Orly Miss Conduct

Orly Miss Conduct – sun, shot 1

You can see some of the holo prettiness starting to come into play, but it’s really not noticeable. Again, this is a subtle holo, not in your face like a China Glaze or Hits Olimpos.

Orly Miss Conduct

Orly Miss Conduct – sun, shot 2

In this particular angle of the shot, you can see the holo starting to come out at the tip of my nails. It’s like this for the most part, but my camera couldn’t capture it when it started to really shine.

 Over all this is a gorgeous polish and if your skin tone can handle this shade, I think you should get it. Formula is superb – I am rarely ever disappointed by Orly.

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